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What is a dental filling?

A filling is a dental procedure which fills up the space resulting from the removal of decay with a filling material.

When do I need a filling?

You need a filling when your teeth are decayed and cracked. Fillings are also required when your existing fillings are worn or leaky. Regular check ups at the dental clinic will ensure your fillings are well maintained! 

What are the different fillings materials I can choose from?

There are different type of dental filling materials like amalgam fillings, tooth coloured fillings (glass ionomer cement, composite).
At abc Dental Center, we use tooth colour fillings to provide you a beautiful and long lasting filling. We do not use amalgam fillings as  patients usually prefer tooth coloured fillings.

What if I don't want a filling?

In certain cases, instead of a filling the dentist could suggest a crown or veneers. Crowns could suit you better than a large filling and veneers are more esthetic than a direct composite filling

Why are fillings important?

Fillings prevent decay from spreading to the deepest portions of the tooth. In this scenario Root canal treatment will most likely be needed. Worst case scenario, instead of a simple filling the tooth may need to be extracted. Dental fillings also maintain form and function of the teeth. It is easier and cheaper to treat decay in its early stages with a simple filling! Let your dentist conduct regular check ups to maintain your health and beautiful smile!
What to expect from a dental filling?

Here in abc Dental Center, we make sure the fillings restore the normal function of the tooth, but also look esthetically well, resembling its original form. You won't be able to tell there is a filling on the tooth!

More photos of fillings here

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