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What are braces? 

Braces deals with teeth movement to provide you with a beautiful smile and a boost in your confidence. Braces are made with metal brackets and wires which are then attached to your teeth. There are a wide variety of braces out there in the market. Some of these braces could cause more discomfort than others. There are two alternatives which are Invisalign and the abc aligners. These provide more comfort and eliminate the discomfort caused by braces. 

When do I need braces? 

  1. Crooked teeth 
  2. Teeth “jutting” out 
  3. Missing teeth 
  4. Crowded teeth


What makes the Damon Braces different?

Damon braces are tie-less braces that are gentle to the teeth and cheeks. These braces are also designed with cutting edge technology that quickly move teeth and require fewer adjustments. Conventional braces often requires removal of healthy teeth and/or the use of palatal expanders to make space for aligning teeth. This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer time, and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile. Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient. A clinical study on Damon braces have also proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics. 

Why are Damon brackets different from conventional brackets?

Unlike conventional braces, Damon braces are without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque,  ensuring dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus the Damon System is available in clear brackets for those image conscious patients.

Damon Clear

Does wearing Damon braces hurt?

Experience little to no discomfort in treatment with Damon.

Damon system ensures greater comfort throughout treatment. That's because Damon System braces have a unique slide mechanism that allows your doctor to use far lighter forces to move teeth to their correct positions. So not only is your treatment shorter, it is also far more comfortable. So do braces hurt? Many people using Damon braces experience little to no discomfort in treatment!

With Damon braces, will I need to pull out teeth?

With conventional braces, orthodontists are often forced to pull teeth in order to create space for crowded teeth. No one likes to have teeth removed, and a smile with a full display of teeth often produces a broader, natural smile and a nicer profile. The Damon System uses biologically sensible forces which work with the body's natural adaptive processes to create space naturally, so Damon braces can now treat most cases without extraction.

However, in the few cases which still require extraction, space is made to improve facial balance and symmetry to provide a natural smile and profile that will last as you age.

How long will I to need to wear braces?

The duration of braces treatment depends on the case but it will generally be a minimum of 1-1.5 years to achieve the best smile you could have.

At what age can I start wearing braces?

Braces can be worn from the age of 12 and above. As long as you want to have a nice smile you can wear braces!


What do I need to know when wearing braces?

Braces are made out of mental brackets and wires and this will cause food debris to get stuck more than usual. So brushing and flossing your teeth when wearing braces is essential to prevent dental cavities. Please do not hesitate to ask your dentist how to take care of your teeth when wearing braces! Sometimes braces will also cause discomfort with your teeth and your cheeks. Some numbing gel and wax will help with the ulcers.

Advantage of Damon braces:

  • A fuller, wider smile
  • Better facial balance and aesthetics
  • Smoother cheek contours which make narrow smiles look fuller and more inviting
  • Fewer dark triangles within the corners of your mouth
  • Straighter, less crowded & crooked teeth
  • Improved profiles…for a more youthful look at any age

What is the Damon Smile?

A broad smile with no 'dark triangles'.
Full smiles display more teeth and have minimal dark space at the corners

Upright Teeth
Teeth should not tip inward or flare outward. The teeth should sit perfectly upright within the mouth.

Minimal Gingival Display
An ideal smile shows minimal gingiva (gums)

Smile Arc
when smiling, the bottom of the upper teeth should follow a curve that mirrors the curve of the bottom lip

Facial Symmetry
the teeth should evenly fill in the netire area of the smile but should'nt overwhelm your face.

Front & Back Occlusion
A great smile takes into account how all your teeth fit together for a perfect bite

When consideing all of the attributes that make a great  smile, it may seem impossible to achieve with just braces. but, thanks to your orthodontist and the Damon system it can be a reality.


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